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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Copying Worldox email messages back to Outlook

Did you know that Worldox Gx3 Professional allows you to copy email messages that have been saved in Worldox, back into Microsoft Outlook?

Perhaps you need to edit, attach or just follow-up on an email that has already been safely stored in Worldox, and copying that message back to Outlook would make things easier.

Simply highlight the message saved in Worldox, and then RIGHT CLICK and select SEND TO>OUTLOOK:

This will copy the message into the Outlook\Worldox\Manually Profile folder where you can work on it directly in Outlook:

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Worldox - dealing with dates in emails

Worldox is the perfect location to manage all of your Outlook messages as they relate to your clients and your firm, however you need to understand that the MODIFIED DATE on an email message will change when you open and message and hit reply! 

The reason for this is apparent if you open any message that you have previously replied to - you will see the notation that "YOU REPLIED TO THIS MESSAGE ON…." in the message header. The message has been modified to include this tracking information, which in turn means that the file modified date is changed. This often throws out the chronological listing of messages when sorted by MODIFIED DATE.

We recommend that you setup a Bookmark button linked to an FIND TEMPLATE that is set to specifically search EMAILS, and that the column layout of this search contains the SENT field (which is the actual Outlook date stamp of when the message was actually sent) rather than MODIFIED. This will give you a far more accurate reading on the actual chronological order or your messages.

Your Email bookmark will show a find template that displays the following fields:

And done properly, your resulting list screen will show your email messages in an "email-centric" format:

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Road Test Update - Fujitsu S1100 Scanner

Last year at this time I reviewed the then new Fujitsu S1100 scanner (read the full article here), which had become my weapon of choice for imaging on the road.

Well here we are over twelve months later, and my little sidekick is still purring through receipts, scribbled notes and client documents without hiccup. I generally use it in conjunction with our in-house version of the Worldox Document Management System, so my images are saved to client, administrative or personal folders as I scan.

Because I am usually remote from my office, Worldox is running in it's offline mode on my laptop, so the images from my S1100 are spooled up into the World0ox Offline folder feature. Upon return to the office, Worldox will automatically confirm with me whether I went to upload all of my offline images onto the central Worldox document store.

The S1100 has gobbled up thousands of pages of documents over the last year without complaint, and I have had absolutely no issues with it, whatsoever. Well worth the small investment of $190.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Worldox GX3 Initial Impressions

World Software just released the Professional Edition of their new GX3 lineup of products. The Professional Edition carries on the tradition of the Worldox document management system that is used in over 5000 law firms and companies around the globe.

Using the same robust platform as GX2, the GX3 Professional Edition receives an updated ISYS database engine, which delivers document search results to the users screen at approximately 30%-60% faster than GX2. This alone makes the new version very attractive to those firms with very large indexed document repertories.

Upon opening GX3, the user will be impressed with the new Outlook style panel layout on the left side of the screen. This area houses the all new Favorite Matters function that allows users to access those matters that they frequent most often with just a single mouse click.

A continuing product theme that began in Worldox GX, is the level of attention given to customizing the user interface and thereby enhancing the user experience. Administrators and individual users now have the ability to control the elements and appearance of the command menu on the Worldox screen. This is particularly useful for those new Worldox users that are often overwhelmed by the complex button arrays on their screens.

The Workspace function has been updated, too. Introduced in GX2 as a virtual representation of a traditional "windows folder" view of case, and leveraging preset database queries known as "Views", Workspaces have now been enhanced to allow for sharing them across a team of users, making the feature a great collaborative tool.

Other tweaks are more subtle. GX3 users will be quick to appreciate the new layout of buttons when saving a document, especially the ease of access to the "Same As Profile" button that allows you to save a new document as a version of an existing document.

The previously underused Records functions from GX2 has been given a facelift and renamed as the Litigation Hold function. This will allow a firm to designate documents that are to be locked from change, yet still allow them to be searched and viewed. The documents are actually moved to a separate read only location within the Worldox system. After the hold process is complete, documents can be unlocked and moved back into the regular document store.

GX3 Professional Edition will be become available to existing maintenance sites as an upgrade over the next few months.

Later this year will see the release of the much anticipated other editions of GX3 in the forms of the Cloud and Enterprise editions. Both will promise revolutionary remote access to your Worldox document stores, whether you are a road warrior or a large firm with multiple offices.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Symphony Profile – Simple cost effective batch scanning solution for Worldox

We've just completed testing of the new version of Trumpet's Symphony Profiler batch scanning software in our Tampa office, and we are so impressed with the functionality that I thought I'd share it with our ACG followers.

Symphony Profiler, (previously known as Express Profiler), is used to streamline the scanning process in a law firm using Worldox, by following the adage that it is generally preferable to scan large quantities of documents in a single process, and then use a software application to separate out individually documents and save them to your Worldox document management system directly.

Profiler does this with the use of barcoded Cover Sheets, which are pre-printed ahead of time and issued to each Worldox user based on the number of documents they might scan together in a batch. In our office, most of the consultant Worldox users have a single sheet, whereas the administrative team has 20-30 cover sheets each because they often scan 20-30 different documents at one time (i.e. the mail).

When a user is ready to scan a document into Worldox, they simply click the Profiler icon in their Systray (the bottom right corner of the task bar near the clock), and they are then presented with the usual Worldox Profiling window. The user selects the appropriate Profile Group, Field Values and Description (i.e. Client, Matter, Doc Type and Document Name), and then clicks okay, whereupon they are prompted to enter the five character Cover Sheet code from the cover sheet that they will place on top of the document they are going to scan.

We printed our cover sheets on bright green paper, which greatly assist with retrieving them after that scanning process, as your cover sheets are constantly reused. You can scan multiple documents at once by just stacking the images and coversheets into a single pile, and are limited only by the number of pages that your scanner can hold in its feeder at any one time. Profiler will then separate out the documents automatically when it processes the images.

The beauty of the process is that the user feeds the cover-sheeted documents into ANY scanner - the scanner output image just needs to be pointed to a designated "processing folder". We use a central multi-function printer which scans to a network folder - these are the most common scanning systems we see in offices around the world. However, I have also setup my personal Fujistu Scansnap scanner to save images to that same central processing folder, which works well if I am scanning a small batch of documents or can’t be bothered walking down the hall to the MFP scanner.

After scanning, the user extracts the cover sheets from their documents - and that's it! When you look in Worldox, you will magically find all of your images saved with the appropriate profile information. And if you want to make the whole process really slick, add on the Symphony OCR module to provide text searching of your images, and the Worldox Productivity Notify function to alert users that new images have been added to their cases.

Symphony Profiler costs $750, plus $65 per user per year. Call us for a demonstration or more details.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

How many Justin Biebers could I fight at one time

I'm so glad that my daughter has emerged unscathed from the Bieber frenzy of tween-dom. She has now become skeptical of the whole pop music machine - a great attribute for a 12 year old.

So I thought I would check out "OatMeal's" Bieber-fighting quiz - happy with my results:

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

Created by Oatmeal

Monday, 2 May 2011

Product Review: Worldox IPad App / Worldox Web Mobile

My years of diligent service to our clients have finally paid off, as I was recently bestowed with an IPad2 in recognition of my long service as a legal technologist. I greeted the arrival of my new gadget with childlike excitement, as it would allow me to continue using my favorite IPhone App, Angry Birds, in its full IPad high definition glory!

It was also suggested, that as the resident document management guru, I should review the much anticipated Worldox Web/Mobile app on said IPad.

Of course, much has been made of the “rebirth” of the tablet concept, with the IPad leading the way in popularity (much to the chagrin of Android tablet users), and World Software Corporation have been quick to anticipate the market direction by releasing a FREE app for users to access Worldox Web Mobile on their devices.
Yes, the Worldox app is free! My pet peeve with the “app” culture is that so many of the things that we take for granted, are free in the PC world. Yet, those same features have to be purchased as apps on our tablets.

What is actually missed with all the hype over the new Worldox IPad app, is just how awesome the required Worldox Web Module is in its native raw browser format, without even using the IPad app!

You see, to even consider the IPad app, you must have installed and configured the Worldox Web Module (see prices below). This module is installed on your IIS Server (Internet Information Server), which for smaller firms, is typically your main/domain controller server. The Worldox Web Mobile program “listens” for inbound Worldox Web transmissions from the internet, where they are then forwarded to a Proxy Worldox Web Server. In smaller firms, this is usually installed and run on your venerable Worldox Indexer machine. The Proxy server authenticates the user requests (via a double layer of passwords), and then presents that user with the Worldox Web interface in their browser or device.

Once installed and configured (don’t even consider trying this without consultant help), you can use any of the standard PC browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari) to access your Worldox system. The Worldox Web page in your browser is instantly recognizable - with all of your bookmarks and favorites buttons will be right there in front of you! Simply search and you will see document listings just like you would on the “terrestrial” version of Worldox.

Double clicking on a document will download the document to your location (where you can edit it, and even upload it back into Worldox). Much more importantly, you can view the contents of the document right there in the browser window, and its crazy fast! This is the more common approach for using Worldox Web – perhaps you just need to verify information within a document while on the road or in court, so previewing is very much front and center in the mobile version.
So too is the ability to email the document – just click the send button and the document is attached to an email and is instantly whisked off via an SMTP request thorough your exchange server to the email address you specified, with the option of adding additional notes in the body of the email.

All this sounds brilliant (and it is!), but the “free set of steak knives” that come with the product, is the ability to do ALL of this in the browser of your smartphone! Yes, you can search, preview and email from the tiny little window on your Blackberry, IPhone or Android. All thanks to Worldox Web’s ability to transpose it’s pages into a “Mobile View” – where all of those pretty graphics are replaced with more workman-like drop down lists to accommodate the often limited bandwidth available on a smartphone.

Which brings us back to the Worldox Pad App. Download it from the ITunes store, and then click on it, and you will be instantly transported to your Worldox system – once again re-producing your list of bookmarks and favorite files. Now just dive through Worldox just like you would back at the office to locate your files. Previewing documents is a dream thanks to the luscious HD graphics on Mr Jobb’s latest toy, and the nifty way that you can use your fingers to squeeze or widen the document makes viewing a cinch. You can email your documents too, and they are actually sent through the regular email on your IPad rather than handed off to be sent on your behalf via the exchange server.

There is no download function built into the IPad app – but you can get around this by simply emailing the document to yourself. Likewise, there is no upload function, but again you can get around this by calling up Worldox Web in the IPad’s Safari browser – you get all the same options (including Upload, Check-In, Check-Out) that are in the regular PC based browsers.

Up until the moment I downloaded Worldox App, my IPad was solely used as tool for allowing Angry Birds to attack Hungry Pigs. Now, my IPad has been transformed into a bona fide business system! I use the Worldox App to call up project scopes and technical documents while I am onsite. If I need to upload my project notes to the office, I simply launch Worldox Web via the Safari browser.

And those Angry Birds are now my second favorite app!

Worldox Web Mobile: $1595 + support
User Licenses: $49 per user + support
Consultant Costs: ~$1500 (incl. training)
Call us and we’ll setup a live demo for you!