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Thursday, 16 April 2009

My Father In Law....

My Father-In-Law died yesterday.

I have been one of those fortunate individuals that have rarely had to deal with a death in my family. My beloved Nana died in 2007, and I still feel guilty that I was on the other side of the world when she passed.

My paternal grandparents died when I was 4 years old...and .I have vague memories of playing cricket with my cousins outside the church in Cohuna (a tiny town in rural Victoria, Australia), as all the grown-ups attended the service inside.

But my Father-In-Law died while I was out of town on a Worldox document management install in Miami. I knew he was going to pass while I was gone. In fact I sat beside his hospice bed on Sunday arvo while the rest of the family was eating Easter Dinner in the hospice family room.

We didn't talk much...couldn't think of much to say to somebody that I knew would not be around when I returned to town. I made small talk...jokes and other stupid stuff. Odly, I didn't feel compelled to talk at all. I now know that those that are dying and their immediate family don't need to say anything. You just have to be there....a bedside presence...a smile...hold hands.

We said goodbye, and there was no backing soundtrack of weeping violins. Just a smile. I actually had a feeling of happiness for him.

He was a great man, and a wonderful grandparent to my kids. I'll miss him.


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