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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Worldox GX2 - Coming Soon!

The new release for Worldox is only a month away now, and the feature list makes it a no-brainer for current firms to upgrade to this version.

Some of the new features users will see:
  • Cloud - this relates to the "tag cloud" or "word cloud" that was first seen on the Flickr picture sharing site. In Worldox GX2 it will be seen as a bottom tab that can be selected by a user to provide a visual list or break down documents displaying in the File List. More common tags will be weighted with heavier and larger fonts - this will be a great way of paring through a matter document list!
  • Document Thumbnail view - the Preview bottom tab has been reconfigured so that it now will show a preview of the documents before and after the currently highlighted document (while still showing the highlighted document, of course). This gives the document list a much more visual feel.
  • My Workspaces - Allows users to create folder views of their cases using the Folder Tree tab
  • Ethical Walls - accessed through the Worldox Administrator, this presents an easier method to grant and remove users/groups access to folders throughout the system
  • Secondary Locations - we can now control the locations for Archive, Salvage and Electronic Records for each profile group. This will allow firms to use the Archiving function to send closed cases to a separate Archive Server or NAS location.
  • Outlook Embedded View - linked to the already popular Outlook Quick Profiles (that allow for simple drag and drop of emails into folders that are linked to Worldox), we will now see the actual contents of a Quick Profile within Outlook! The Worldox file list screen is actually embedded in the Outlook window for each QP folder.
Of course there are many more features and fixes, but the items above really justify the update alone.

Current gossip has a GX2 release date in June.


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