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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Symphony Profile – Simple cost effective batch scanning solution for Worldox

We've just completed testing of the new version of Trumpet's Symphony Profiler batch scanning software in our Tampa office, and we are so impressed with the functionality that I thought I'd share it with our ACG followers.

Symphony Profiler, (previously known as Express Profiler), is used to streamline the scanning process in a law firm using Worldox, by following the adage that it is generally preferable to scan large quantities of documents in a single process, and then use a software application to separate out individually documents and save them to your Worldox document management system directly.

Profiler does this with the use of barcoded Cover Sheets, which are pre-printed ahead of time and issued to each Worldox user based on the number of documents they might scan together in a batch. In our office, most of the consultant Worldox users have a single sheet, whereas the administrative team has 20-30 cover sheets each because they often scan 20-30 different documents at one time (i.e. the mail).

When a user is ready to scan a document into Worldox, they simply click the Profiler icon in their Systray (the bottom right corner of the task bar near the clock), and they are then presented with the usual Worldox Profiling window. The user selects the appropriate Profile Group, Field Values and Description (i.e. Client, Matter, Doc Type and Document Name), and then clicks okay, whereupon they are prompted to enter the five character Cover Sheet code from the cover sheet that they will place on top of the document they are going to scan.

We printed our cover sheets on bright green paper, which greatly assist with retrieving them after that scanning process, as your cover sheets are constantly reused. You can scan multiple documents at once by just stacking the images and coversheets into a single pile, and are limited only by the number of pages that your scanner can hold in its feeder at any one time. Profiler will then separate out the documents automatically when it processes the images.

The beauty of the process is that the user feeds the cover-sheeted documents into ANY scanner - the scanner output image just needs to be pointed to a designated "processing folder". We use a central multi-function printer which scans to a network folder - these are the most common scanning systems we see in offices around the world. However, I have also setup my personal Fujistu Scansnap scanner to save images to that same central processing folder, which works well if I am scanning a small batch of documents or can’t be bothered walking down the hall to the MFP scanner.

After scanning, the user extracts the cover sheets from their documents - and that's it! When you look in Worldox, you will magically find all of your images saved with the appropriate profile information. And if you want to make the whole process really slick, add on the Symphony OCR module to provide text searching of your images, and the Worldox Productivity Notify function to alert users that new images have been added to their cases.

Symphony Profiler costs $750, plus $65 per user per year. Call us for a demonstration or more details.


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