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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Worldox GX3 Initial Impressions

World Software just released the Professional Edition of their new GX3 lineup of products. The Professional Edition carries on the tradition of the Worldox document management system that is used in over 5000 law firms and companies around the globe.

Using the same robust platform as GX2, the GX3 Professional Edition receives an updated ISYS database engine, which delivers document search results to the users screen at approximately 30%-60% faster than GX2. This alone makes the new version very attractive to those firms with very large indexed document repertories.

Upon opening GX3, the user will be impressed with the new Outlook style panel layout on the left side of the screen. This area houses the all new Favorite Matters function that allows users to access those matters that they frequent most often with just a single mouse click.

A continuing product theme that began in Worldox GX, is the level of attention given to customizing the user interface and thereby enhancing the user experience. Administrators and individual users now have the ability to control the elements and appearance of the command menu on the Worldox screen. This is particularly useful for those new Worldox users that are often overwhelmed by the complex button arrays on their screens.

The Workspace function has been updated, too. Introduced in GX2 as a virtual representation of a traditional "windows folder" view of case, and leveraging preset database queries known as "Views", Workspaces have now been enhanced to allow for sharing them across a team of users, making the feature a great collaborative tool.

Other tweaks are more subtle. GX3 users will be quick to appreciate the new layout of buttons when saving a document, especially the ease of access to the "Same As Profile" button that allows you to save a new document as a version of an existing document.

The previously underused Records functions from GX2 has been given a facelift and renamed as the Litigation Hold function. This will allow a firm to designate documents that are to be locked from change, yet still allow them to be searched and viewed. The documents are actually moved to a separate read only location within the Worldox system. After the hold process is complete, documents can be unlocked and moved back into the regular document store.

GX3 Professional Edition will be become available to existing maintenance sites as an upgrade over the next few months.

Later this year will see the release of the much anticipated other editions of GX3 in the forms of the Cloud and Enterprise editions. Both will promise revolutionary remote access to your Worldox document stores, whether you are a road warrior or a large firm with multiple offices.


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