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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Road Test Update - Fujitsu S1100 Scanner

Last year at this time I reviewed the then new Fujitsu S1100 scanner (read the full article here), which had become my weapon of choice for imaging on the road.

Well here we are over twelve months later, and my little sidekick is still purring through receipts, scribbled notes and client documents without hiccup. I generally use it in conjunction with our in-house version of the Worldox Document Management System, so my images are saved to client, administrative or personal folders as I scan.

Because I am usually remote from my office, Worldox is running in it's offline mode on my laptop, so the images from my S1100 are spooled up into the World0ox Offline folder feature. Upon return to the office, Worldox will automatically confirm with me whether I went to upload all of my offline images onto the central Worldox document store.

The S1100 has gobbled up thousands of pages of documents over the last year without complaint, and I have had absolutely no issues with it, whatsoever. Well worth the small investment of $190.


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