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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Worldox - dealing with dates in emails

Worldox is the perfect location to manage all of your Outlook messages as they relate to your clients and your firm, however you need to understand that the MODIFIED DATE on an email message will change when you open and message and hit reply! 

The reason for this is apparent if you open any message that you have previously replied to - you will see the notation that "YOU REPLIED TO THIS MESSAGE ON…." in the message header. The message has been modified to include this tracking information, which in turn means that the file modified date is changed. This often throws out the chronological listing of messages when sorted by MODIFIED DATE.

We recommend that you setup a Bookmark button linked to an FIND TEMPLATE that is set to specifically search EMAILS, and that the column layout of this search contains the SENT field (which is the actual Outlook date stamp of when the message was actually sent) rather than MODIFIED. This will give you a far more accurate reading on the actual chronological order or your messages.

Your Email bookmark will show a find template that displays the following fields:

And done properly, your resulting list screen will show your email messages in an "email-centric" format:


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